Recruitment Procedure

To ensure that we provide a satisfying service for both employers and job seekers, we would love to carefully listen to employers, explore their unique requirements and fulfill the need in a professional manner by deploying the below procedures;


Indonesian People at Glance.

Indonesia is the world's archipelagic country, covering more than 17,000 islands with the total population is around 240 millions which is very rich in diversity. More than 80% are Moslems and the minorities are Christian, Catholics, Hindus and Buddhists. Most Indonesians are very tolerant of different religions and many people actually observe celebrations from more than one religious tradition.

There are more than 300 ethnics groups and each has its own language and culture. It is said that Indonesian culture is influenced by the mixture of Chinese, European, Indian and Malay cultural heritage. Bahasa Indonesia is the official language but local language is often used. Educated people, especially those living in big cities and tourism areas understand English.

Indonesian people are famous for its friendliness and courtesy. Generally they are polite and speak carefully when communicating with others. They are also known as obedient workers and will be showing appreciation easily when felt being respected.