Saudia Arabia

General Description

Saudi Arabia is a country with the fastest and largest economic growth in the Middle East and the 19th largest in the world. It occupies a strategic position on the Arabian Peninsula. The kingdom is not only the home to Muslims worldwide but also possesses abundant oil reserves. SAPRAC3 notes that Saudi Arabia ranks 19th as the largest exporter and 20th as the largest importer in the world, with a trade surplus of $21 billion USD. Major exports include crude oil, petrochemicals, and plastics, representing all economic sectors. Non-oil exports continue to grow by about $6 billion USD per year.

Available Jobs

  • Spa Therapist
  • AC Technician
  • Cleaning Service


  1. Spa Therapist = Female
  2. AC Technician = Male
  3. Cleaning Service = Female
  4. Experienced and certified


  1. Medical Insurance
  2. Company-provided accommodation
  3. Transportation
  4. SAR 4,000 Salary = Spa Therapist
  5. SAR 3,000 Salary = Cleaning Service
  6. SAR 4,000 Slary = AC Technician

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